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About Major Taylor Cycling Club of New Jersey

Who We Are

We are a cycling club comprised of a diverse group of people with varied cycling experience. Major Taylor Cycling Club of New Jersey (MTCCNJ) seeks to provide an environment where cyclists, with all levels of experience, can share in the appreciation and love of cycling. Organized in January 2009, we can trace our roots back to L&M Tourers, a cycling club that was formed in the early 70’s by three sisters – Lucile, Mildred and Annette Smith in Brooklyn, New York. The Smith sisters organized the L&M Tourers cycling club in response to the discrimination they experienced while riding with other NYC cycling clubs. L&M Tourers became a safe and welcome haven for cyclists of African descent.  Over the years our club has grown: our membership is diverse and is open to any cyclist, regardless of race, age, religion or gender.

Our Mission:

Our By-laws:

MTCCNJ By-laws