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Welcome to the 2017 riding season
with Major Taylor Cycling Club
of New Jersey (MTCCNJ)

Rides for this week

Duke Farms Family Fun Ride, Sunday, June 18th – 15 to 20 Miles. Club President’s Ride. Family members welcome plenty of stops on the route. Start at 8:45am at 1112 Dukes Pkwy, Hillsborough. There is a bikeshare program available. First come first served. Ride Leader – Randy Jackson

Beginners/Novice Ride, Every Saturday - 15-20 Miles. Meet at Branch Brook Park in Newark at 7:00am. Pace will be 12 to 14mph. You must wear a helmet. Ride Leader: Johnny Swanson -

Blessing of the Bikes, 2017

We had a good turnout for our cycling safety seminar led by our president Randy Jackson. Afterwards we had a special prayer for safety on the road and camaraderie amoung our members for the 2017 cycling season.


Download and print out the 2017 rides calendar and put it in a place where you'll always be reminded of upcoming rides.