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Welcome to Major Taylor Cycling Club of New Jersey (MTCCNJ)

If you enjoy cycling in New Jersey, we’re the club for you. Major Taylor Cycling Club of New Jersey (MTCCNJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting all aspects of cycling. We are a diverse group of cyclists so we offer short leisurely rides for those just getting started and faster challenging rides for those ready to ride hard and fast. A few times a year we have all day tours and even a yearly multi-day excursion. No matter what distance we travel, we strive to promote fun and fitness through cycling.

In addition to our many rides, we get together for other social events to help build the camaraderie among our members and other Major Taylor Clubs. We aim to have fun both on and off the bike.

MTCCNJ offers something for every cyclist, and we look forward to having you as a member. Make sure you go to our membership page and JOIN MTCCNJ TODAY! You'll be happy you did. We hope to see you on the road wearing our colors.

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MTCCNJ is a member of:

The National Brotherhood of Cyclists

and The League of American Bicyclists

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