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Historic New Hope Charity Ride 2016


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Thank you for helping make this year's New Hope Ride 2016 a success!.

Here is a short message from MTCCNJ President Demetrice Miles:

The ride is the same but each year the ride brings a new and different experience. 2016 will be remembered for the brutal heat conditions. Whether you rode to New Brunswick or all the way to New Hope and back credit is due to the cyclists who braved the heat and participated in the 39th Annual New Hope Ride.

This ride does not happen without the service of volunteers, those out front and those behind the scene. Thanks to the members of MTCCNJ who sacrificed riding in order to work this event. Special thanks to all persons who provided SAG support, it was the most valuable service provided yesterday. New Hope Firehouse and Chief Burroughs rock, thank you New Hope Firehouse. As always, the staff of Children's Specialized Hospital did a fantastic job setting up and providing the first rest stop. Thanks to Gina, Steve and Hakima for setting up and working the rest stops in Hillsborough and Rahway. Thanks to my family members for your support in Newark and New Hope, Larry Wilcox and Vivian for SAG support all day, and all the state and local law enforcement officials for the providing escort and traffic control.

2017 will mark the 40th Annual New Hope Ride. Let's make it the best one yet, I encourage everyone to join in the planning for next year and to get involved with a worthy charity--Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation.

Demetrice Miles

Que sheet for Newark to New Hope and back to Newark-115 miles

Que sheet for Newark to New Brunswick and back to Newark-50 miles